Based out of Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada this clothing brand was born in partnership with Motiv Custom Apparel. Our vision is to have breakers (break dancers), pursue their passion while making a living for themselves. This clothing brand was created purely by dancers, bboys and bgirls. Individuals who have a heart for the Hip Hop culture, and the community around the world. Not just that, but to see it transformed by true Peace, true Love, and true Unity.

The phrase “The Last Shall Be First” was taken from the scripture Matthew 20:16. Where it tells a story of workers who started working at different times, but got paid the same wage in the end. Reason being was because the boss valued them and the work they contributed equally. He saw none greater than than the other, but was grateful, and pleased with them all the same. It seems like it was the backwards thing to do, paying the ones who worked less, the same amount as the ones who worked more. We want to do things backwards in our culture, according to the world we live in today. We want to make it about the people, not the profits. About the community, not about us.

This is our way of giving back, letting people know that the LAST STANDING will be the ones who choose to live differently in this world, and not follow the norm. This is what we stand for!

Thank you all for your Love and Support.

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